Group Challenges

Team Plotters- Pacemaker NaNoWriMo Tournament Winners!

In a spectacular tour de force, Team Plotters wrote their way to Pacemaker NaNoWrimo Tournament victory! Congratulations are in order for the 33 Plotters who won NaNoWriMo by hitting their 50k targets, and in many cases flying over them!! Your profiles will be pinned with a golden Novel badge! Congrats are also in order for each member of Team Plotters! Every… Continue reading Team Plotters- Pacemaker NaNoWriMo Tournament Winners!


Pacemaker NaNoWriMo Tournament- Plotters vs Pantsers

NaNoWriMo is here! And so the flames of an ancient rivalry are being fanned once again- Plotters vs. Pantsers and here at Pacemaker, we’re stoking the fire! Are you a Plotter- meticulously planning out the details of your novel pre-NaNoWriMo so that you hit the ground running, map in hand, November 1st? Or are you a Pantser, literally flying into NaNoWriMo by the seat of your pants, no plan, just a wing and prayer? Whichever way, pick your side and may the best team win! All the best everyone! Let the games begin!